Maria Darden

Maria Darden LCCE CD(DONA)

I believe birth is fundamentally a natural, healthy, physiological process. I believe that birth works best when undisturbed the majority of the time. I do acknowledge that at times the use of judicious intervention is necessary, beneficial, and increases the safety of mother and baby.

- Maria-Lena Darden

CD(DONA) Certified Doula
DONA International
LCCE Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Birth Education and Knowledge

I have extensive experience and exposure to childbirth spanning 20 years in multiple settings, including homes, a free-standing birth center, and hospitals. This experience has made me very familiar and comfortable with labor as a normal process and aware of what laboring women’s needs are. When I am not helping people give birth, I love to ride horses, read novels and write fiction.

I will comfort, reassure, support, and guide you as you work hard to bring your baby into the world!

My background & training

Along with my extensive professional experience with birth, my personal experience guides and informs my work with families. I have a special heart for women hoping to VBAC and especially want to support them. I have had two VBACS which allows me to know firsthand how much support and reassurance is often needed to build up and reaffirm belief, confidence, and trust in the body’s ability to birth after a previous cesarean surgery.


LCCE Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator

Midwife Assistant

Heart and Hands Intensive

Spinning Babies Workshop

Retired LLL Leader

Lamaze Childbirth Educator
Certified DONA birth doula